Krossover’s flagship product that provides game-film break-down, analytics, field-charts, stats as service for various sports


Indexing platform used to break down the game film into plays and tag each play with various events


Abbreviation for Krossover Video Services — the core video encoding, storage and streaming service

Originally published at on January 11, 2013.

Ideally, one should always adhere to the KISS principle. But determining whether one is on the right path may not be that simple.

Simplicity can be elusive. Especially more at the on-set of any new undertaking. After working for a while on something, eventually the ‘real simple’ path may appear…

Upload is such fundamental aspect of any web service. And still, there’s no, simple, easy solution out there… Well, it might seem I am exaggerating it but for such basic functionality, if you add the ‘resume’ upload expectation, you should see the problem I am referring here…

So, for us…

Sandip Chaudhari

Tech evangelist with an entrepreneurial bent of mind

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