Ideally, one should always adhere to the KISS principle. But determining whether one is on the right path may not be that simple.

Simplicity can be elusive. Especially more at the on-set of any new undertaking. After working for a while on something, eventually the ‘real simple’ path may appear and seem obvious. Only the realization experience of spending time and efforts on not the ‘real simple’ is always bitter.

How to determine ‘real simple’ ?

Lets try a very broad classification into 3 categories to help us get handle on elusive simplicity:

  • Seemingly Simple- Seems very simple at first glance but isn’t really so. Proves itself as bad choice after a while, after some time and efforts have been spent

POINTER: So, given a problem, think for at least more than 1 solution. ‘Seemingly Simple’, the most obvious, quick to implement, maybe easy to determine. ‘Real Complex’ solution, if any, may also be easy to weed out. Out of the remaining ones, ‘Real Simple’ would usually be the one that takes less than 20% of more efforts than the most obvious ‘Seemingly Simple’ solution. One may safely opt for it!

Originally published at on November 22, 2012.